Newsweek on iPad: Having It Both Ways

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the new iPad tablet computer

Back in January, I posted the announcement of Apple’s iPad tablet computer.  I’m personally really excited about it – don’t know if we’ll get one right away (it took us a couple of years before Stephanie and I both got our iPhones – which we love…).

However, this post is about the irony of Newsweek Magazine’s Senior Editor Daniel Lyons writing, within the course of two months, articles which seem to be covering their bets on whether the iPad will be a success or a failure.

The first article is titled “Why the iPad is a Letdown” and the second article is titled “Why the iPad Will Change Everything“.  Maybe they’re consistent with each other (?), but it’s kinda like betting on red and on black in roulette, just to make sure you win (hopefully the wheel doesn’t come up double-zero!…).

Again, I’m personally intrigued by the iPad launch – it’s probably the first time tablet computing will be taken seriously (and probably will take off much like the iPhone did…).  Here’s to another of Steve Jobs’ impact on the computing world!

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