Honoring Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I have been fascinated with the story of Apple ever since I first used an Apple II in school.  The first computer I ever purchased on my own was a Macintosh IIsi on which I wrote my thesis.  Our first personal computer at home was a Macintosh.

My wife and I each have iPhones.  We bought an iPad.  We just bought my 11-year old daugther her first mobile phone - an iPhone 4 (she has a better phone that we do!…).  We have purchased three iPods and have downloaded many apps, songs, and movies through iTunes.

Our lives are better through the innovation of Apple, and today is a day where it’s worth reflecting on who created that impact.

Steve Jobs passed away today – one of the great American entrepreneurs.  I can’t do anything to honor him any greater than others can.  Here are a few posts about Jobs, his life, and his impact.

A tip of the cap and a huge thank you for everything you’ve brought into the world!

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