Kontagent closes $12M, Big Data Helps NextGen Science

A couple of interesting notes today….  On the PRNewswire today, Kontagent, a leading enterprise user analytics company, today announced that it has closed $12 million in Series B financing with a consortium of investors including Battery Ventures, Altos Ventures, and Maverick Capital.  Kontagent focuses on social and mobile web applications with their kSuite product, which combines a proprietary database with customized analytics and real-time monitoring to help customers identify and react to usage patterns in real-time.  This continues the pattern of heavy entry level funding into analytics and big data startups – data science applications are becoming the next big technology boom…

There’s another interesting article snippet at Bloomberg Businessweek about how the oncoming avalanche of data could change the nature of astronomy and physics.  According to the article, Johns Hopkins will be building a 100 gigabit-per-second network to shuttle data from the campus to other large computing centers at national labs and even to Google.  Here’s what Dr. Alex Szalay, Alumni Centennial Professor at Johns Hopkins and head of the network project, thinks about what this could mean for the future of science itself:

In his mind, the new way of using massive processing power to filter through petabytes of data is an entirely new type of computing that will lead to advances in astronomy and physics, much as how the microscope’s creation in the 17th century led to advances in biology and chemistry. In that light, the creation of a 100 gigabit-per-second research network at Johns Hopkins becomes not just a fast network but also an essential tool for research and discovery, a basic component of the 21st century microscope.

You can read about the Kontagent financing deal here, and Dr. Szalay’s effort to build big data networks here

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