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Mission Statement

To help us all become better decision makers

Our Vision

To create a world where we seek the truth and align our decision making with that truth

Our Vision

  • Seek the truth.  Facts matter.  Business, science, and society all depend on our expectations that we search for the truth.  Progress cannot be made based on an improper understanding of what is real and what is true.
  • Improve. Learn. Do better. It’s easy to say, but this comes down to making better decisions. We must learn from mistakes, and strive to perform better than we did before. This is improvement and it centers around how we make decisions.
  • Take responsibility. Decisions are made by the decision maker, so this is always where the responsibility lies.
  • Increase understanding. Communicate knowledge.  Learning and improving require being open to new information – to seek understanding. We must also reciprocate and communicate what we know to benefit ourselves and others.
  • Use and honor the scientific method.  The scientific method is the most objective method ever devised to seek truth objectively. We use the method as our approach to learn, to improve, and to understand.
  • Connect the impacts of decision making.  Decision making, whether performed by human or artificial intelligence, has impacts on our world and our societies.


A Little Bit About Me

With my experience in leadership with Big 4 consulting and Fortune 150 companies, I’ve spent over two decades helping people discover new insights and make better decisions.  Here’s a little bit about me:

  • I help people, businesses, and computers make better decisions.  I believe in better decision making, and I’ve learned how to apply it from theory to practice.  I’ve developed cutting-edge technologies that leverage the most advanced approaches and I’ve helped people use those technologies to be better decision makers.
  • I’ve been called a heretic. I’ll challenge the conventional wisdom when I think it’s needed and when I can back it up.  I am not a contrarian just to be one.  I believe that progress results from those who challenge the conventional wisdom and can convince others that the wisdom needs updating.
  • I’m part introvert and part extravert.  These two parts of my personality come together in the ways I like to work and in how I can best help people.   Through this approach, I strive to make the complex simple.
    • Analysis and Research:  This is where my introvert kicks in.  I dig deep into a challenge or problem, finding the root causes, and gaining the right understanding.
    • Communication:  This is where my extravert takes over.  Once I have the right understanding, I interact with others to see if my understanding is correct, if they understand it, and then share that understanding to others through one-on-one discussions, workshops, writing, presentations, and videos.

Here are some of the things I love:

  • My family
  • Science
  • American history
  • Books
  • Sports

For my official bio, you can go here.

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