Mic Farris, with his 20+ years of experience in scientific and technical disciplines, holds a Ph.D. in Space Physics from UCLA and is an award-winning scientist and author. He currently serves as Vice President of Decision Science at CenturyLink. Mic is an experienced senior technology executive with over 20 years of proven success in creating, developing, and delivering decision science technology solutions for the US government and Fortune 500 organizations. 

Prior to joining CenturyLink, Mic served as a leader in data science and predictive analytics at PwC within the Advanced Risk & Compliance Analytics (ARCA) team and Financial Crime Unit Technology practice. While at PwC, he spoke at the PwC Global Data & Analytics Leaders Conference on analytics for financial services technology applications. Earlier, he served as Director of Data Science & Analytics Engineering at Areté Associates, where he assisted the US defense and intelligence communities in solving some of the nation’s most challenging problems, holding four technology patents.

Mic’s successes have been recognized as one of the top Los Angeles area business leaders under 40 by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal and has been commended for his public service twice by the City of Thousand Oaks, CA, and four times by the County of Ventura, CA.  Mic served as Chair of the Planning Commission for the City of Thousand Oaks.

With more practitioners entering the field, Mic created his comprehensive Fundamentals of Data Science course including topics such as probability and statistics, decision theory, estimation theory, coordinate systems, linear transformations, prototype coding and programming, algorithms, and machine learning, tailoring it for teams at PwC and CenturyLink.

In his business and public service activities, Mic has been quoted in numerous publications including Newsweek, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, San Diego Union-Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, San Fernando Valley Business Journal, and Ventura County Star.


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